Edmonds Heights K-12 PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization)

"Edmonds Heights K-12 PTSO" logo of flying falcon with scroll

The EHK12 PTSO is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization that holds fiduciary responsibility to facilitate programs/groups/clubs at Edmonds Heights K-12 to fundraise by maintaining bank accounts to deposit funds, writing checks for the funds deposited, and providing balances when needed.  The PTSO, to the best of its ability and understanding, follows all federal, state, and school district rules and laws relating to charitable donations and the use of funds. Any funds raised by a particular program/group/club are used for that program/group/club within the EHK12 community.

Board Members

Chaiya Sherman, President

Bryn Riekstins, Vice President

Kristina Cline, Secretary

Yolanda Matheson, Treasurer

For more information, contact info@ehk12ptso.org