Leadership Council

The Leadership Council supports the mission and vision of our program. It advocates for and represents the entire school and serves as part of the information chain. It is comprised of elected parents, a workshop instructor, staff, students, and the principal.

EHK12 Vision and Mission Statements

Vision: A dynamic learning community for all students to become their best selves.

Mission: Edmonds Heights K-12 is a flexible, individualized learning community that provides shared educational resources. Our diverse students, families, staff, and educators partner to enable every learner to thrive in an equitable, safe, engaging, and nurturing environment.

Leadership Council Core Purpose

The core purpose of the Leadership Council is to serve students, families, and the community from a place of relationship by:

  • Modeling authentic partnership between students, parents, workshop instructors, and staff.

  • Providing stability in times of challenge and change.

  • Engaging the community to gather input and share information.

  • Offering guidance, input and wisdom to the principal and staff as community representatives.

  • Supporting equity work for a welcoming, inclusive educational community.

Edmonds Heights K-12 Leadership Council Members 2021-2022


Rachel Carey, Courtney Wooten,

Anna Warren, and Farrah LaRose


Jeanette Kuo

Vice chair

Alanna Milan


Sarah Allen


Daaniya Junejo

Workshop Instructor

Airan Hagman


Kathleen Hodges


Trish Allen and Nancy Chang

For more information on Leadership Council, contact ehk12lc@gmail.com