Leadership Council

The Leadership Council supports the mission and vision of our program. It advocates for and represents the entire school and serves as part of the information chain. It is comprised of elected parents, a workshop instructor, staff, students, and the principal.

EHK12 Vision and Mission Statements

Vision: A dynamic learning community for all students to become their best selves.

Mission: Edmonds Heights K-12 is a flexible, individualized learning community that provides shared educational resources. Our diverse students, families, staff, and educators partner to enable every learner to thrive in an equitable, safe, engaging, and nurturing environment.

Leadership Council Core Purpose

The core purpose of the Leadership Council is to serve students, families, and the community from a place of relationship by: 

Edmonds Heights K-12 Leadership Council Members 2023-2024


 Walt Antoniuk, Christina Moore, Amberleigh Rodriguez, Lena Yim


Diana Henderson, Parent

Vice chair

Dhira Brown, Parent


Cristin Mattione, Parent


Tatiana Lindberg

Soleil Schultz

Workshop Instructor

Dorothy Pierce


Kathleen Hodges


Erin Zackey 

Britta Hooper

For more information on Leadership Council, contact ehk12lc@gmail.com